Lek Bangkok - Gibraltar's authentic Thai Restaurant.

Real Taste, Real Thai

Take Away & Delivery Available

Telephone:    +350 200 48881

Here are few phrases in Thai to help you get the full Thai experience.

Basic Greeting and Phrases:

Sawasdee (krup/ka)

Sabai dee mai

Sabai dee

Dee jai thee dai phob koon

Khop koon (krup/ka)

Mai pen rai

Kor thoad (krup/ka)

Phoot Thai mai dai

Prohd phoot cha-cha

Mai kao jai

Kor hai chok dee

Mee krai pood pasa ang-grit dai bangmai?


How are you?

I'm fine

Pleased to meet you

Thank you

Never Mind


I cannot speak Thai

Please speak slowly

I don't understand

Good luck

Does anyone speak English?

Thai Language


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